Family Self-Sufficiency and Resident Opportunities and Self- Sufficiency Program

Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS)

Coordinator/Life Coach: Open Position

What is the Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) program?

It is a voluntary program available to Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) participants and to Public Housing participants. The purpose of this program is to assist families to improve their financial stability and reduce their dependency on welfare programs such as TANF. 

FSS Participants develop specific economic goals, via their individual training and services plan, and work with an FSS Coordinator/Life Coach to identify activities and services to help achieve these goals and become economically self-sufficient over a five-year period.

One of the benefits of the FSS program is an interest-bearing escrow account that is established by the Housing Authority in the name of the participating client. An escrow credit is based on increases in earned income that is credited to this account by the housing authority during the term of the FSS contract. At the end of the five years, the escrow that has been accumulated can be used towards the purchase of a home or car. 

Who Can Participate? 

To be eligible to participate in the program, you must:

Benefits of the FSS Program

The FSS program offers many benefits to all families that qualify for the program. Some of those benefits include:

How does the Savings Account work?

Usually, when income increases and you are receiving assistance with Public Housing or through the HCV program, your rent will increase. However, if you participate in the FSS program and your earned income increases, a portion of your rent increase goes into an escrow savings account. 

As long as keep in touch with your life coach, let them know what you are doing, following through with the plan you and the life coach set in place, and report any income changes to your Public Housing or HCV/S8 program coordinator, at the end of the 5 years you will be rewarded financially and emotionally. 

For more information and how to enroll in FSS contact:

FSS Coordinator
360-423-3490 ext. 205


Resident Opportunities and Self- Sufficiency (ROSS) 

Coordinator: Brenda

What is the Resident Opportunities and Self- Sufficiency (ROSS) program?

It is a voluntary program available to residents that are currently in Public Housing that is 62 and older. The program aims to:

For more information and how to enroll in ROSS contact:

ROSS Coordinator
360-423-3490 ext. 207


You can also check out the link below for more information about FSS.